No Justice No Peace

When you hear no justice no peace what comes to mind…. for me it’s not having a peace of mind or sense of justice for yourself. being free of the mind means having control over your life and knowing how to take control of the things that don’t give you justice. when I speak about justice it is a place within yourself that can be open to everyday life and understand the things that others can’t see about you. I was once told that people think that there free because their not behind bars being free is when you are aware of yourself and understand the things that are not in reach because you can touch the bars when your not free it seems real you feel like you can do something about it being behind bars can also mean a caged mind not knowing your not free is worse. Self- awareness is something most of us lack it’s a shame because this is when no justice…… no peace…. is involved you don’t know why you are restless within yourself. learn to self motivate because we can not always depend on others to motivate us or to give us the justice or peace we seek love you.


Free DA Mind


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