Pretty Please

The feeling of importance is something we need in our lives to feel complete; most people will agree with me that this feeling starts from an infant and carries on through our lives. The sense of importance can mean different things for so many, for me the sense of feeling important feels good but only:

For example, my children feel like their mommy is important or my husband feels like I am important,

Even when my friends reach out to me to make sure I am good the feeling of being important enough to be on someone else’s mind it gives me a great feeling.

Now we have those who like to feel important maybe the same way I do but let’s go a little bit further. Take Instagram and those who love to take selfies or videos for the Gram to feel important for them it’s how many likes to feel beautiful or cool and this is not the case for everyone. Most people post because they want to show the world “I am good” well, are you? Not to say you shouldn’t be, but most times are you really sharing something that means something to yourself most importantly if so carry on.

Most folks need that feeling of acceptance which brings us back to feeling important, how important does someone need to feel before it gets to be dangerous or weird. I will never say we shouldn’t want to feel accepted or important but it should never be to the point where we ourselves don’t know our own self-worth, meaning having to get validation from others who don’t mean nothing to you or you to them.

Feeling important should always come from within yourself I know it’s easier said than done right? But it should Feeling important should have a peaceful feeling and a humbling feeling. When you really love yourself there is no validation needed from no one else because we all like to feel important right? It should come from us first with that everything else falls in line for others to see exactly how important you really are and not just a face on the Gram no one really knows.

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