What’s happening

This whole Popeyes phenomenon has me cracking up, because I am not sure why this chicken company decided eons later to make a chicken sandwich, well whatever it worked. I don’t knock people who have eaten the sandwich or trying to get it but don’t sit in long lines just for a sandwich unless it’s something that can change your life for the better. Now…. you may be asking yourself “well did She have one?” nah I haven’t and I really don’t care to have one but to each their own, so please by all means.

Supporting any business is always appreciated but don’t forget the people that have worked just as hard to get were they are or on their way to building a business support them too or even folks that’s doing something good in general always show love.

The way people was tweeting and using other social media platforms to get the messages across about a chicken sandwich we should do the same for people in general. I will end this saying social media had me cracking up. Always show support because we all have a day when we want support.

Your friend,

Free Da Mind


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