Why Stress

Hello friends… so I want to talk about stress and why it’s so important to let it go. Once it gets started it’s hard to turn off trust me I know. When we stress it can come from a multitude of things sometimes we don’t know we are stressing until we are already deep in stress mode. Telling someone not to stress is like telling somebody not to get mad now see how that works out. With persistence it can be done We can never really rid stress away it’s part of our make up and sometimes we need just a tab bit of stress to keep us balanced. What we can do is not allow stress to take us to a level of sickness there must be a balance and that’s not always easy to control without taking a step back to find control. Stress can have us spiraling down a dead end.

Figuring out what your stress triggers are can help you long term it can keep you in the right state of mind to handle all the things that we deal with daily. Finding a balance for ourselves is a must to live a healthy life mentally, physically, and emotionally we have to become less stress. How do we become less stress try exercise, meditation, deep breathing, let go of things that don’t mean you well. Find peace within yourself so you can be a better person for you first. We must learn to put ourselves first that’s not always easy to do but, healing your stress and letting go of the things that bring you stress can bring a better future for you and everyone else who needs you.


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