Wait a Minute

Wait a Minute take a breath I will wait….ok so now that I have your attention what do you like to remember is it good times in your life? I hope so….can you remember anything that was significant to you that took you in to a moment that everything was just right. I believe that when we want to experience something phenomenal we have to live in that moment make it ours even if it’s for a few minutes, because it’s something we can always go back to when things are not so great. Wait a minute…do you stop and day dream about something that just feels like you had an outer body experience that deep thought that when you are finally released from the hold how did it make you feel? With all that we have going on in the world Wait a Minute….we need something to day dream about to take us into a moment of escape.

When I get those moments I love it I want to stay there just a little bit longer it almost feels like a dream it takes me away to a whooSa moment. I feel better I feel great sometimes emotional, but in a good way I feel a sense of hope and joy. Learn to keep those moments in your subconscious diary because when life gets a little rough those moments come in handy. Be like a Dream Catcher and hold onto your dreams .

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